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In 2011 an old friend of Tone's family, Singer Hershkowitz, was surprised to receive a small package that held a hard drive. It contained Tone's guitar parts for 12 pieces from Amp L'étude. "I heard such an intensity of feeling in his playing. I felt it would be a crime to not to finish it." In 2016 a wonderful and talented group of musicians came together to complete Tone's long lost album. The first was Doane Perry who added his hard hitting rock drumming. Then a percussionist, a vocal group, and a choral conductor all made their heartfelt contributions to the project.

Garry Kvistad

Garry is a Grammy award winning master percussionist. He is a member of the four man percussion group Nexus. The New York Times called Nexus “the high priests of the percussion world.” Steve Reich said, “They are probably the most acclaimed percussion group on earth.”  Kvistad added orchestral percussion; tympani, large gong, orchestral bass drum, glockenspiel, orchestral chimes, and symphonic crash cymbals to The Sunken Cathedral and O Fortuna.

Maria Todaro


Maria conducted the choir for O Fortuna. She is not only an internationally renowned opera singer, stage director, and conductor, but also the general director of The International Festival of the Voice. For this recording, with her deep understanding of the voice as an expressive instrument, she was able to evoked an impassioned performance from the choir.


The members of Prana are (L to R) Timothy Hill, Bruce Milner,  Amy Fradon, Kirsti Gholson, and Baird Hersey. Each of them is a respected performer in their own right. They join together in Prana to create beautiful rising harmonies, shimmering vocal textures, and high arcing melodies.

The men of Prana added there voices to Maria, (She's so) Ave taking us on a little ride to Beatletown. The women of the group then joined them to sing Chopin Prelude #4. Tess Brewer, Briana Devol and Chris Vallone were added to Prana to record the choral chant on Fortuna. More

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